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Hi! I'm the photographer! It's so nice to meet you! 

Where do I begin? If we take it way, way back, I can remember using my mom as my first model and in my hands, an imaginary camera. Fast forward a few decades (ouch!), and here I am - in my element, doing what I love - with a real camera in hand. 

Being a photographer brings me so much joy. Why? As a mother of two beautiful girls, I know how precious time is and how quickly it goes by. Being able to capture a moment - a moment that is real and raw - is an invaluable treasure. When you're with me, know that you're not only with a photographer, you're with a friend. I put so much emphasis on ensuring that you're comfortable and relaxed and it is my word that your spirit and love will shine through in your photos. 

So, let's have some fun and make some memories! I'm so excited to get to know you!!!

"Jessica is amazing to work with. Especially with a fresh newborn at home and as first time parents, she is flexible, understanding and has such a friendly presence. The entire experience was fun, enjoyable and memorable. You can definitely tell this is her passion instead of just a job. Thank you Jessica for helping us capture the memories of being first time parents and for being amazing with pets too!"

- Chris 

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